Chris is an amazing healer who has an intuitive sense that is unparalleled.
— Dana, Colorado Springs

After 25 years as a body worker and homeopath, I now focus on using energetic models of healing, with clients experiencing profound results. With this blend of energy healing and mediumship, you are connected to your team of guides and healing agents. This is less about fixing broken bodies and more about putting you directly in touch with your soul's true inner healing force. 

… using Matrix Energetics® and other consciousness-based modalities:

Windows to the Sky… the  application of sacred touch to key acupuncture points on the head, neck, and shoulders to enhance spiritual clarity, expand consciousness, and assist in resolving trauma.

Reiki… translated from Japanese, means “Universal Life Energy”. It is an ancient method of channeling energy for restoring balance on physical, mental and emotional levels. It is a safe and natural way of achieving profound relaxation wherein healing takes place.

*Classes also available


Angelic a means of channeling the energy and presence of your healing angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. This profoundly loving experience brings greater awareness to your consciousness of the root cause of pain or disorder.

*Classes also available





Alchemy Somatics… is a quantum-inspired energy technique that was shown to me by my spirit guides. With this method, we are aligning with the body’s messages and capacity for miraculous change. With this light-touch approach, we instantly access the quantum field to produce measurable shifts in physical structures, reduce or eliminate pain, and allow clients to deeply change according to their inherent nature.

*Classes also available

CranioSacral Balancing… in this light-touch session, the practitioner assesses the subtle and natural movement of the cranial bones, body’s structure, and energetic field of the client with gentle contact. As tension is released from the system, the structures of the body come into balance, enhancing the flow of energy throughout the length of the body. CranioSacral Balancing is a potent tool for releasing accumulated stress from the nervous system, shifting emotional holding patterns, and healing from head injury or trauma.

Will I be working with you long distance?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    No problem. Most of the modalities I use are equally effective when applied remotely--and your healing guides are portable!