Life feels overwhelming, right? Time is moving fast. We're being pulled at from all directions by other people who feel lost and out of control. We want to help, and we KNOW we are here to contribute in some meaningful way, but we don't always feel like we have our own feet solidly underneath us. Hoping it's going to magically get better or somehow sort itself out with our positive thinking, spiritual development, and rubbing on our crystals isn't going to work. It's just not. Because it would have by now. And we can feel that.

No, what we're sensing is an internal call to realign to our deeper truth. We need to assess our lives, take a good, brave, honest (and humorous!) look at what isn't working so we can make the necessary changes. And it's a scary prospect, I get it. I REALLY get it. Situations (and people) may fall away that are not truly in alignment with the YOU that you most want to be. And you're going to have to get okay with that. But do you know that sinking feeling when you delay, postpone, procrastinate on saying yes to acting from your personal, spiritual truth? Yeah, THAT. Stop and feel it for a moment. That's the disappointment you feel deep inside when you throw yourself under the bus. Again. And again. Making something or someone else a higher priority than your own relationship to Source.

But what if you said YES to YOU? Because you know what? This is YOUR life! You can design it how you want. I'm not kidding. You just need the tools and resources to get you solidly on your path. I can share those with you if you'll allow me. You will be of so much greater service to those around you when you address your spiritual needs first. Deepen your spirituality and lighten your karmic load!

All of my services are designed to help you come into your essential truth, and engage with life from that centered place, knowing who you are and what you're here to contribute. 

So why work with me?

  • I'm a catalyst for change. I understand energy, how it moves in life, how it moves in your body, and I have mad skills in working with it.
  • More importantly, I can teach you how to sense and work with your own energy.
  • I read tarot cards for the story they tell about your psyche, to bring those vague feelings and unconscious influences to the surface.
  • I read the Akashic Records to help you understand your soul's unique design and the ancient history you may be carrying over from times long past.
  • I channel your spirit guides' messages of support and guidance to you.
  • I can open space for you to receive the healing presence of the badass Angelic realm to sustain you when times feel HARD.
  • I'm grounded in practicality and common sense, and can help you get grounded, too.

Let me help.

I invite you to contact me. That purple button up there will take you to my free consultation page so we can decide on the best way we can work together, if a coaching program is in your sights.

And on my a la carte menu there are LOTS of choices you can read about here: SERVICES

Meanwhile, BIG LOVE to you! I'm here when you're ready.


Chris is an amazing intuitive and professional. Her work reflects her ability to see what you need and she offers it truly with Grace!
— Lilli, Sierra Madre, CA