Is a Spiritual Uplevel what you need?


You can be who you think you are, you can be who others want you to be, OR YOU CAN BE WHO YOU ARE
— Arthur Lincoln Pauls, DO

Your Journey Awaits...


Can I ask you a question? Have you been feeling "stuck"?

Often that stuck feeling is your own guidance signaling to you that it's time for a big change; that you've done all the good you can do for yourself and others from the place you've been. You've stalled out. And now you need to explore some new inner territory. Don't worry, this is normal! It's all part of what I call a "Spiritual Uplevel". 

This is uncomfortable because we sense that we are ready for change but don't have enough information about how to define or create the change we want. We may even experience resistance both internally from our subconscious, and externally from the people around us. We also may not be conscious of the long-standing blocks we have that kick our resistance into high gear. We might be feeling stronger in our intuition but don't know what to do with it or how to fully trust ourselves yet.

With spiritual growth, our priorities begin to shift, relationships start to change, and we feel drawn inward or away from the people close to us, and this is all so confusing when we're doing it alone. 

It takes a skillset to navigate relationships and situations that are changing because WE are changing. As my own spiritual teacher said time and time again: "Spiritual growth is not convenient". And he was right. But it IS completely doable, and I'm a living example of that truth. Read my ABOUT ME page where I tell you part of my story.

What I also know is spiritual growth doesn't happen in a vacuum. WE NEED GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT. A hand to hold, someone to have our back who has been there. A guide or mentor.

  • Do you have a deep desire to integrate your spiritual commitment into your everyday life, including your work and relationships, but don’t know how to start?
  • Are you feeling inspired to grow beyond the societal, familial, or religious limits and conditioning you may have accepted UNTIL NOW?


If this all makes sense to you, then it's probably time for you to explore your Spiritual Uplevel. Your life is waiting.
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