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Spiritual Guidance/Coaching/Healing Session - One Hour


This is more than an intuitive reading. It's also more than traditional coaching.

It's Coaching with Soul--YOUR Soul! In this session I will draw upon the wisdom of the Akashic Records and your Spirit Guide Team for assistance to ascertain the root cause(s) of your challenges and assist you in correcting course. I will also be guiding you as we assess your energy field and chakra system for imbalances, and teach you simple and effective ways to release stress and tension from your body, mind, and energy field.

After 25 years as a body worker and homeopath, I now focus on using energetic models of healing, with clients experiencing profound results. With this blend of energy healing and mediumship, you are connected to your team of guides and healing agents. This is less about fixing broken bodies and more about putting you directly in touch with your soul's true inner healing force. 

This is the session you choose when you have specific questions or challenges, and you and I sit with your helpers in spirit and work through whatever comes up together! We might even pull some tarot cards for you! This is a very interactive reading designed to expand your awareness and reinstate your personal power.

$250, approximately 60 minutes.

“I have been a client of Chris’ for twelve years and would highly recommend any of her services including any of her healing sessions or a psychic reading. Each session is tailored to the individual’s needs with an emphasis on whole body/spirit healing and always from a place of deep respect, intuition and grace from Chris.”

— Carin, Colorado Springs

Spirit Guide Team Reading


Have you wondered who your helpers in spirit are? Have you felt the desire to communicate more closely with your guide team and especially feel their support as you move through transitions? Then this is the reading for you!

Here we ascertain who each of your Spirit Guides are, and what their Soul Profile is, because guess what? THEY are souls just like you and me, only without a body this time around, committed to being in service to YOU. 

We learn where they come from, what they are here to help you with, and what their personal message is for you right now, and much more. This is a beautiful, touching, and sometimes funny reading that will help you feel connected and loved!

$250, approximately 60 minutes.


Property Clearing, Home or Business


For clearing of residual energy of former inhabitants, assisting ghosts in moving on, and removal of foreign energies of all types, Property Clearings are done remotely, with no need for a personal visit on my part. You will simply give me the address so that I can access the Akashic Record of that location, and we'll set a time for me to go to work on it. Included is a digital recording of my findings with any tips and suggestions for the management of your own space after my work is complete. Please use the form on the checkout page to share the particulars of your home or business. 

I LOVE working with properties! I have lived in scary haunted places, and have experienced first hand how utterly depleting and frightening such an experience can be. I could write a book! As a result, early on I learned how to address and clear aberrant energy and make a place safe for humans and animals.

I have now done space clearing professionally for over 20 years, and the method I currently use has made a HUGE difference in how I approach the clearing of homes and other properties. It is extremely clear, comprehensive, EFFECTIVE and SAFE. I've had memorable cases in which little children did not sleep through the night, very frightened of the things they were seeing in their room. This approach did the trick. Little ones are very sensitive to those other-worldly influences, and their sleep patterns and behavior are often a good barometer for the energetic condition of our homes.

In addition to homes, businesses and commercial property can strongly benefit from clearing. There may have been former lessees in a business location, for instance, who had a hard time sustaining business, and such intense emotions around money can leave an imprint on a location. The same thing occurs with unhappy employees.  This method clears negative thought forms that may be lingering, so that your business can thrive according to YOUR intentions for success!

I have also seen excellent results for clients who are having challenges selling a home or commercial property. In fact, a number of my clients are real estate agents and brokers who hire me to work with their listings that aren't moving. Prospective buyers may unconsciously respond to energetic influences, which may prevent your property from having enough showings. Selling your property is also an enormous "letting go", and this process can help release your energetic ties to the property, allowing it to be more available to it's new owners, so that everyone involved can be free to move on to their next phase! 

PLUS I will give you some insight to the "personality" of the address via simple numerology. And since homes seem to talk to me, we will discuss the baseline energy of the property, i.e. its natural "vibe" once the blocks are cleared. It's a relationship, too, so you want to know as much as you can about the place you spend so much time in. It's not just your domicile, it's your sanctuary!   

This is a very comprehensive property reading, well beyond what you'd receive in a traditional clearing! 
$100 per location

REALTORS and MULTI-HOME OWNERS: Ask me about the discount for clearing multiple listings/locations!