Space Clearing for Home or Business

Please contact me to discuss the particulars of your home or business. 

For clearing of residual energy of former inhabitants, assisting ghosts in moving on, and removal of foreign energies of all types, Property Clearings are done remotely, with no need for a personal visit on my part. You will simply give me the address so that I can access the Akashic Record of that location, and we'll set a time for me to go to work on it. Included is a digital recording of my findings with any tips and suggestions for the management of your own space after my work is complete.

I have done space clearing professionally for 20 years, and the method I currently use has made a HUGE difference in how I approach the clearing of homes and other properties. It is extremely clear, comprehensive, EFFECTIVE and SAFE. I had two recent cases in which little children did not sleep through the night, very frightened of the things they were seeing in their room. This approach did the trick. Little ones are very sensitive to those other-worldly influences, and their sleep patterns and behavior are often a good barometer for the energetic condition of our homes.

In addition to homes, businesses and commercial property can strongly benefit from clearing. There may have been former lessees in a business location, for instance, who had a hard time sustaining business, and such intense emotions around money can leave an imprint on a location. The same thing occurs with unhappy employees.  This method clears negative thought forms that may be lingering, so that your business can thrive according to YOUR intentions for success!

Lastly, I have seen excellent results for clients who are having challenges selling a home or commercial property. Prospective buyers may unconsciously respond to energetic influences, which may prevent your property from having enough showings. Selling your property is also an enormous "letting go", and this process can help release your energetic ties to the property, allowing it to be more available to it's new owners, so that everyone involved can be free to move on to their next phase!