Relationship Reading


Relationship Reading


Relationship Reading: a comparison of two souls’ Akashic Records, side by side, providing insight as to the nature of the relationship, former lifetimes shared together, and any blocks or restrictions held by either party that impact this relationship specifically and all of their relationships in general. This reading is useful to gain greater insight into a marriage or life partnership, a business partnership, and relationships with loved ones such as parent/child, siblings, or dear friends.


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Learn who you have been to each other in the past, why your souls came together again, and what life lessons your souls fulfill for one another.

For a complete relationship reading, the Akashic Records of both parties will be accessed and expressed permission of both individuals is required**. Ideally, both parties will be present for the call or office visit, and your reading will be digitally recorded for you.

As with other Akashic Records readings, the information needed to proceed is:

  • Present full name
  • Name at birth
  • Date of birth, including specific time if possible
  • Location of birth

There will be a form for you to give me this information on the checkout page.

$200, approximately 75 minutes.

**Have a partner who is not really into this, but YOU really need some insight? No problem. We can look at the relationship solely from the perspective of it's impact on you and your patterns in relationships. Contact me through my website and we'll create a plan for you.