Spiritual Guidance/Coaching/Healing Session - One Hour


Spiritual Guidance/Coaching/Healing Session - One Hour


This is more than an intuitive reading. It's also more than traditional coaching.

It's Coaching with Soul--YOUR Soul! In this session I will draw upon the wisdom of the Akashic Records and your Spirit Guide Team for assistance to ascertain the root cause(s) of your challenges and assist you in correcting course. I will also be guiding you as we assess your energy field and chakra system for imbalances, and teach you simple and effective ways to release stress and tension from your body, mind, and energy field.

After 25 years as a body worker and homeopath, I now focus on using energetic models of healing, with clients experiencing profound results. With this blend of energy healing and mediumship, you are connected to your team of guides and healing agents. This is less about fixing broken bodies and more about putting you directly in touch with your soul's true inner healing force. 

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This is the session you choose when you have specific questions or challenges, and you and I sit with your helpers in spirit and work through whatever comes up together! We might even pull some tarot cards for you! This is a very interactive reading designed to expand your awareness and reinstate your personal power.

$150, approximately 60 minutes.

I have been a client of Chris’ for twelve years and would highly recommend any of her services including any of her healing sessions or a psychic reading. Each session is tailored to the individual’s needs with an emphasis on whole body/spirit healing and always from a place of deep respect, intuition and grace from Chris.
— Carin, Colorado Springs