Chris, just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING Soul Blueprint Restoration reading! To say that it has profoundly changed my life is an understatement. Since the reading, I have experienced the disappearance of fear, sadness and doubt and also completely eliminated pain from an Achilles heel injury that has annoyed me for years. I especially appreciate the kind and thoughtful way in which you prepared for and delivered the reading. I recommend this reading to anyone who wants to feel more positive, release energetic baggage and move forward with renewed vitality. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make such a positive investment in myself and my future and for sharing your healing gifts with me. With gratitude
— Lane R., Santa Fe, NM

Your Soul Blueprint Restoration is achieved through the comprehensive and specific reading of the Akashic Records (the record of your soul’s entire experience). You will learn what your Soul's natural expression and gifts are, so you can live more fully into your divine blueprint! From here we also clear up past and present life ongoing issues, providing soul-level healing. 

Your personal consultation time will be about 90 minutes.

Whether we talk in person or on the phone, I will record our session and promptly send you a link to the recording. I will also email you a customized homework assignment so that you can actively participate in the clearing process after being made aware of the blocks that are hindering your soul’s clearest expression.

Included with this service is a 20-30 minute phone follow-up within 30 days of your initial reading, during which we will discuss your personal Soul Blueprint Restoration process, any questions you may have about it, as well as future work we may choose to do together.

The only information that comes forward in a reading are the experiences in past lives or this current life that have a bearing on what you are experiencing in present time, that your soul is ready to clear NOW. There is no past life reading just for entertainment’s sake; it’s all useful material!

This month-long Soul Blueprint Restoration process includes:

  • 90-minute consultation in person, by phone or Skype
  • mp3 recording of your session emailed to you right away
  • Personalized 21-day homework/clearing process
  • Unlimited email access to discuss questions related to your session or homework
  • 30 minute follow-up call after the completion of your clearing homework 

Soul Blueprint Reading, $300 

To access your Akashic Record for any of the Soul Blueprint or Spiritual Guidance readings, here is what I will need from you 48 hours before our scheduled appointment:

  1. Current full name
  2. Full name at birth
  3. Date of birth, including specific time if possible
  4. Location of birth
  5. Any particular intention you hold for this reading (i.e. greater financial flow, improved personal relationships, etc.) and what you wish to create for your life over the next 6 months.