Spirit Guide Team Reading


Have you wondered who your helpers in spirit are? Have you felt the desire to communicate more closely with your guide team and especially feel their support as you move through transitions? Then this is the reading for you!

Photo by StockPhotosArt/iStock / Getty Images

Here we ascertain who each of your Spirit Guides are, and what their Soul Profile is, because guess what? THEY are souls just like you and me, only without a body this time around, committed to being in service to YOU. 

We learn where they come from, what they are here to help you with, and what their personal message is for you right now, and much more. This is a beautiful, touching, and sometimes funny reading that will help you feel connected and loved!

Spirit Guide Team Reading, $150

To access your Akashic Record for any of the Soul Blueprint or Spiritual Guidance readings, here is what I will need from you 48 hours before our scheduled appointment:

  1. Current full name
  2. Full name at birth
  3. Date of birth, including specific time if possible
  4. Location of birth
  5. Any particular intention you hold for this reading (i.e. greater financial flow, improved personal relationships, etc.) and what you wish to create for your life over the next 6 months.