This is my story of how I got to this I went from knowing my truth, to losing my truth, to embracing it once again for GOOD!

When I was a little girl I loved to think deeply about things and write about what I noticed in the world. About the mysteries of life and about what makes people tick (I still do!); I could not help myself (I still can't!). It seemed like I was a little philosopher who was somehow misplaced into some foreign, obnoxious, alcoholic family environment by some cosmic screw-up, though I do understand it much better now. As a child I did not understand those people and they certainly did not understand me! I loved to observe people, though, and generally remained quiet in the background in most family and social situations. I didn't say a lot, but it wasn't because I didn't have anything to say--I actually had some well-formed and valid opinions-- it's because I knew inherently and through direct experience that my point of view would be unwelcome, ridiculed, or worse: incite punishment. I simply saw the world very differently than most others in my environment, and if I spoke up about it, I was made to regret it. Looking back that is such a shame, because I do believe as little children we are more in touch with our soul's nature, but then usually get our intuition and our divine gifts educated and conditioned right out of us. Yet a spark remains, and that spark can guide us back to our truth if we pay attention.

My adult life has largely been about the repair work of finding my voice again, using it, and owning my wisdom. I had the great fortune to be introduced to a man who became my spiritual teacher in my early 20s, a man who was as grounded as he was mystical; patient, kind, and loving. He could also call me out on my crap in a way that didn't make me collapse into a puddle. Over the course of about 10 years of working with Frederick, he taught me about daily meditation, spiritual discipline, and the care and feeding of the body to enhance my intuitive gifts. I learned about the energy of money, about relationships, and making my spiritual path and relationship to the Divine my highest priority. These teachings have NEVER failed me. He also taught about the elements of nature: earth, air, fire, water and ether; how these are represented in human nature, and in the wheel of the seasons. He taught that the definition of LOVE is "the unconditional acceptance of another person's reality. For them." I honestly don't know who I would be if it were not for his presence and insight. I can't imagine not having had a spiritual teacher of that caliber. I wish that for everyone who seeks it. It is so much easier than flailing around without guidance, which I think is what most people are doing. And it hurts.

Professionally, I functioned as a healer for about 25 years and traveled the country as an educator in the bodywork field for part of that time. It was gratifying in a lot of ways, but not quite the right fit. I also studied and practiced homeopathy, and to this day I deeply love the gentle yet powerful effect of it. The sensitive in me adores vibrational medicine. And again, not the right fit. I eventually discovered I didn't want to tend to broken and sick bodies anymore. I noticed it made me very tired and uninspired, even though I was crazy good at it. (That should always be a clue!) However, in the practice of classical homeopathy, I learned to listen deeply to what an individual was saying: to really take in their story, as well as what remained beneath the surface, unspoken. Homeopathy ultimately taught me how to read people. I didn't invest three years in homeopathy school to become a psychic, but that's what happened.

All the while through those practices, my intuitive nature expanded, because those were environments that supported and encouraged such expansion. While touching people, for instance, I got messages from their spirit guides or departed loved ones. I hated it though, because in the context of that kind of session I didn't know how to deliver the messages without appearing to be a crazy chick. So I would wait until I got the message three times, then I would say something to my client. It was my dumb little game I played with Spirit. I'm sure Spirit was just as irritated with me as I was with it! Eventually my interest in, and the utter magnetic pull toward, intuitive work began to outweigh my credible and normal career expression. A car accident in 2011 accelerated the process, with injuries making the ongoing physical work very uncomfortable, so the opening to a new career availed itself. Of course we know there are no accidents...

I studied and practiced mediumship first, with an emphasis on connecting others with their loved ones who have passed on. It was natural and easy because for me the veil between the worlds has always been thin. What I also discovered was an ability to serve as a channel for spirit guides. To this day I absolutely love serving in that capacity, just getting out of the way and letting the information the client needs come on through. Which is just how Frederick did it, as a matter of fact.

In 2013 I became obsessed with understanding where the spirit guides got THEIR information, and I began to explore the Akashic
Records. After much research, I enrolled into a course called Soul Realignment which rocked my world and became my full-time practice in a very short time. When my teacher delivered my own Soul Profile to me, I felt like I had finally come HOME. What she shared with me were the things I knew about myself when I was a little girl...and now the grown-up me is empowered to make choices congruent to my soul's divine nature. The relief has been incredible.

Today I use my writing and my voice to teach people about their wisdom! As Goldilocks would say, "this is juuuuust right!" I do still see the world much differently than most other people do, but I've come to terms with the glorious fact that it is HOW MY SOUL IS MADE! And now it's USEFUL, and my insight serves me deeply, and serves my loved ones and clients, too. I want that for everyone, I really do.

This is what I know so far. There are more fun and juicy stories from my journey, pivotal and teaching moments, that I will gradually share in a blog in the near future. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. Big love.

If you know me, you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to support those that are walking their path and doing GREAT works in the world. Well, today I had a session with Chris Lynn (thanks for telling me about this Carla!) It was AMAZING! I highly recommend Chris for all your channeling/readings and mediumship needs! She IS the real deal! I’m not easily impressed with channels and psychics, but Chris has an authentic gift which she has nurtured and developed for as long as I have known her and I’m sure far beyond. I’ve known Chris for about a dozen years or so. She is always a beautiful and gentle presence. This gal has got a lot of HEART energy! With our session today, she exceeded all my expectations! I wanted to tell you all about her and the phenomenal work that she is doing in the world. Yea Chris! BIG THANK YOU too!!!
— Shantelle, Tulsa, OK