Chris Lynn is a medium and a healer whose passion is soul-level learning from the Akashic Records, providing an authentic connection to your spirit guides, and serving as a conduit for communication with departed loved ones. She sees, hears and feels information from spirit. Guidance comes forward through connection with the spirit realm and also through psychic reading of your personal energy field. 

Chris has completed Advanced Mediumship Training with internationally-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, participated in a 20-month mediumship training with Martin Twycross in the UK, and is an Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner.

Her extensive experience in working with the whole person through bodywork, energywork, and classical homeopathy provides a strong and credible foundation for her reading practice. Her grounded, real-world approach to spirituality, together with her warm demeanor, create a natural ease and relatedness during any session.

If you know me, you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to support those that are walking their path and doing GREAT works in the world. Well, today I had a session with Chris Lynn (thanks for telling me about this Carla!) It was AMAZING! I highly recommend Chris for all your channeling/readings and mediumship needs! She IS the real deal! I’m not easily impressed with channels and psychics, but Chris has an authentic gift which she has nurtured and developed for as long as I have known her and I’m sure far beyond. I’ve known Chris for about a dozen years or so. She is always a beautiful and gentle presence. This gal has got a lot of HEART energy! With our session today, she exceeded all my expectations! I wanted to tell you all about her and the phenomenal work that she is doing in the world. Yea Chris! BIG THANK YOU too!!!
— Shantelle, Tulsa, OK