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I know you see yourself as a creative, spiritual being. You just might need a new perspective and framework, and that is precisely what the work I do has to offer...a portrait of YOU from the perspective of your SOUL and your Guide Team. It really doesn't get any better or more useful than that.

Be forewarned! What I offer is SOUL-LEVEL work; I don't do readings to foretell your future. Ever. No one can do that because your future is made up of the myriad of choices you make between right now and that future point in time. Fortune-telling is ultimately disempowering, and I won't participate in anything other than upholding you as the divine creator of your experience. I'm here to empower you. This will require CHANGE on your part in the form of new actions that will open doors to new and exciting experiences. The good news is that you have my support and the support of your guides and helpers in spirit. This is the type of process that can generate big change for the better!

And just to be clear: This consultation time is NOT a free reading, or a "sample" of my work! It's an honest discussion about how I can help you move beyond the blocks, seen and unseen, that have you feeling stuck. Be prepared to answer lots of questions, think deeply about your life, and get some serious inner work done.

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All sessions are done by appointment only with usually at least 24-48 hours advanced scheduling.

Office hours: Monday through Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday 10am to 4pm, Some Saturdays 10am to 2pm

Long distance sessions are held by phone and ZOOM from my location in Denver, CO in Mountain Time Zone

Limited in-person sessions may be available in Colorado Springs by booking well in advance. Please contact me directly to set this up, by emailing chris@bluejeanmystic.com